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  1. As Babylon Burns

From the album Ashland Messiah

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Gone is the shadow of a doubt and I've no entropy
We stand atop a mountain of our own tribulations
We are finally purging the pain from ourselves
Can you feel the odds they're stacking against your will to live
When you are looking back did you give all you could give?
Were the embers deep inside of you enraged into a roaring flame
Or were they stamped out and your soul was harshly tamed
Give life to the senses
Escape from this broken mind
As Babylon burns
I am reborn
To thrive once again
To breathe unhindered
There deep within my spirit I have found myself
Reaching new heights and forgetting all of the falls that we had
Did you take in all the knowledge from the ocean you were swimming in?
Did your dreams breathe new life down into your wounded heart?
Were the people who inspired you kept along the way?
Or did you cast them out, and leave hem in the rain
What is patience if not a virtue? A birthright bestowed on the meek?
Ignore interaction, bereft of compassion
remember who you are...
What will be your marking you leave upon the world
Did you inspire unity or did you walk alone?
Did you live up to your own expectations?
This mind has gone mad, and I am no longer bound here by its chains