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  1. Light The Fires

From the album Ashland Messiah

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Did you think I'd bleed out?
Did you think I was dead?
Did you know, I stand unbroken?
Did you feel me crawl out of my grave?
Light the fires let your world be burned away
There's nothing to be salvaged, leave the pieces where they lay
I hear the dark faded echoes
Of the siren's call hastily spit
Decipher the code of Judas
and not one of the pieces fit
Who the hell are you? And what made you so cold that you pried at my wounds while I was still bleeding
You never questioned the egregious things you did
You never answered, your silent song immortal
Waking the dreamer, blotting out their son
You will know my pain, you will know my suffering
You only woke a sleeping giant I live to end your lies
Light the fires, your essence will be your tithe
You should have just left me alone...