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  1. The Adversary

From the album Ashland Messiah

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The story of life is unwritten and untold
For nobody knows what the next page will hold
We cling to our dreams and get lost within our thought and long for the day to see what our vision sought
The phoenix spreads its wings again until only ashes remain
The pyre of man lay there weeping we see now what we have become
Dismantle your demagogues that spread a gospel of fear, salvation makes its resurgence when the waters are clear
You must allow your hands to be as pure as your spirit
You will possess unmeasurable strength should you only believe it
The road we travel is not the road that's traveled most no the road we followed is not the path we wanted
Do not forget the flaws within the flesh
Do not give in to the relentless hand of time
Do not forget the tragedies of life
Do not succumb to our selfish ways